Yamaha SEQTRAK (Orange)

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Yamaha SEQTRAK combines step sequencer, drum machine, synthesizer, sampler and mixing functionality in one compact, battery-powered device that also integrates microphone and speaker. This feature set makes it the perfect travel companion for musicians and producers who want to be able to capture ideas wherever they are. The foundation for music creation with SEQTRAK is the sequencer with its dynamic and intuitive controls. There are six pattern slots for every track that can be easily switched to introduce more variety. The sequencer and its divisions mark the grid on which the various sounds can be placed, and are the basis for recordings, live performances, and production on the go.
The first section of sounds on the Yamaha SEQTRAK is the drum section featuring seven tracks: kick, snare, clap, two hi-hats and two percussion sounds. Each of these tracks can be loaded with high-quality sounds from the extensive library. The sound library currently contains over 2,000 sounds across all SEQTRAK instrument categories and will be further expanded upon with additional sound packs. It is also possible to add other user’s samples via the SEQTRAK app. These sounds are then arranged on the step sequencer with its up to 128 steps, 16 of which are displayed through the step buttons on the face.

The Yamaha SEQTRAK provides an impressive sounding synthesizer section. Three synthesizers and a sampler can be used simultaneously. The first two synths use the extremely versatile, 128-note polyphonous AWM2 engine by Yamaha. The third synthesizer is called DX and brings back the colourful sounds of this classic Yamaha synth with a four-operator FM engine.

All synthesizers can be switched between mono, poly and chord modes to suit the specific requirements of the track. Seven keys are available to play melodies or chords, with selectable scale and key. In keyboard mode, the step sequencer keys turn into a chromatic keyboard. Even an arpeggiator is available.

The sampler maps one sample sound to each of the keys, which again can be selected from the library. Alternatively, the SEQTRAK allows for recording and sampling individual sounds, either from an external source, via USB, re-sampling or with the built-in microphone. The amount of variety the SEQTRAK provides is remarkable, especially given its compact form factor.

All the preset sounds in Yamaha SEQTRAK can be further edited in the sound design section on the right. Parameters like pitch, volume, pan, attack, decay or filter can be edited, depending on the selected sound. Further options come in the form of the effect section that allows for the addition of reverb, delay, modulation and more. Adding distortion to a kick or compressing the overall mix – it is all right here in the device. No additional periphery is required, the SEQTRAK can see a song from its original idea through to its final sound design.

Yamaha invested a lot of thought into the design of the workflow of SEQTRAK, finding that delicate balance between intuition and depth. The SEQTRAK application grants even more extensive editing possibilities, giving access to all parameters of the effects, drums and synthesizers. The app even includes a visualizer that makes it easy to create interesting videos with animated objects reacting to the music.
  • Step Sequencer
  • Drum Machine
  • Two AWM2 Synthesizers
  • a reface DX Style FM Synthesizer
  • a Sampler with recording functionality and an effects section  
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Rechargeable Battery
Analog/Digital No
Sequencer No
Pads/buttons No

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