We guarantee quality of all items sold at our store. All items come with 12-36 months manufacturer's warranty – during the period all deteriorations are repaired for free. If your item goes out of order, please contact us for repair: [email protected]

Warranty conditions:

  • Warranty period is 12 - 36 months (depending on exact item) from the date of purchase.
  • During the warranty period, manufacturer guarantees item is properly working if used properly.
  • All defects would be repaired within 40 days from the date when item was returned under warranty.
  • Item under warranty must be in its original package, full set and clean so it will be accepted for repairs.
  • Warranty is only valid with a date of purchase and seller's signature/stamp on the document confirming the purchase.
  • If item is going to be mailed for repairs, sender is responsible for the shipment and pays for shipping charges.
  • Warranty is not valid for deteriorations caused by fire or water, crushing or beating the item, accidents, improper usage or repair, incorrect application when technical and safety standards are not being followed.
  • Deteriorations after warranty period has passed can be taken care of if this is being dealt with manufacturer's service in advance. Repair price depends on the nature of deterioration.