1. Nektar Impact LX61+ MIDI Keyboard / Controller
    Out of stock. Available shortly: 2-3 work days
    Nektar Impact LX61+ MIDI Keyboard / Controller
  2. Pioneer DDJ-400
    Out of stock. Available shortly: 1-2 work days
    Pioneer DDJ-400

  1. Dreadbox Erebus V3
    In stock!
    Dreadbox Erebus V3
  2. Zoom H3-VR
    In stock!
    Zoom H3-VR
  3. Akai Fire
    In stock!
    Akai Fire
  4. Presonus AudioBox Studio Ultimate Bundle
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    Presonus AudioBox Studio Ultimate Bundle

  1. Polyend + Dreadbox Medusa
    In stock!
    Polyend + Dreadbox Medusa
    Special Price €899.00 Regular Price €999.00
  2. Reloop Laptop Stand (B-Stock)
    In stock!
    Reloop Laptop Stand (B-Stock)
    Special Price €28.00 Regular Price €35.00
  3. Pioneer DDJ-XP1 (B-Stock)
    In stock!
    Pioneer DDJ-XP1 (B-Stock)
    Special Price €215.00 Regular Price €259.00

  1. Akai MPK Mini Play
    New product. Available: 2019-01
    Akai MPK Mini Play
  2. Zoom Q2n-4K
    New product. Available: 2018-12
    Zoom Q2n-4K
  3. Rode RodeCaster Pro
    New product. Available: 2019-01
    Rode RodeCaster Pro

Recent Blog Posts

  • New: Steinberg Cubase 10
    New: Steinberg Cubase 10

    If at the beginning of 2018 Ableton revealed us Live 10, the end of this year brings us Steinberg Cubase 10. One of the most solid and longest-running DAW lines just got a modern facelift and plenty of improvements under the hood.

    First thing to notice is, of course, a GUI update:now it’s flatter, sleeker and supports Retina and HiDPI displays. But there are plenty more: VariAudio 3, a powerful pitch correction tool; Audio Alignment feature that allows to align recordings extremely fast; MixConsole snapshots; updated Groove Agent drum machine; new effects, sounds and many small changes to improve and enhance users workflow.

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  • New: Sequential Prophet XL hybrid synthesizer
    New: Sequential Prophet XL hybrid synthesizer

    Everybody’s heard of Dave Smith. One of the pioneers of MIDI technology and digital synthesis wizard has his name on many iconic pieces of music gear - Prophet, Tempest, Mopho just to name few. This year Dave Smith Instruments rebranded as Sequential (Smith ‘s first company founded in 1974) continue to work on their flagship product – Prophet synth.
    Prophet XL – is a new hybrid synthesizer which offers a fusion of synthesis and samples in one single device. 2 independent sound engines offer unseen capabilities for this type of gear. One engine is meant for digital synthesis and has everything previous Prophet models were praised for: 2 high-resolution digital oscillators, 4 syncable LFOs, 4 loopable five-stage envelope generators and dozens of other sound shaping possibilities. Another sound engine is dedicated for sampled instruments and allows to play two independent, stereo, digitally sampled instruments per voice while shaping samples through loop manipulation, sample stretch

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  • WATCH: New documentary on tech and DJing
    WATCH: New documentary on tech and DJing

    DJ culture and music technology go hand in hand from the very start – from first crossfader and direct-drive turntable to Recordbox and Stems. Electronic Beats gathers bunch of iconic DJs and some leading music tech companies’ representatives to talk about the influence of technology and innovation in DJ world, advantages and challenges it brings and what to expect in the near future. A must-watch for anyone who spends some time behind decks.

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