SSL 500-Series UltraViolet EQ

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Infused with technology from SSL's Fusion analog processor, the Solid State Logic UV EQ is a double-slot 500 Series UltraViolet stereo equalizer that offers minimum-phase performance, four flexible bands, and a high-pass filter for musicians and engineers at any level. Given its sonic versatility and modular form factor, the UV EQ is a stellar addition to home studio setups, mobile recording rigs, and racks in commercial facilities.
The high and low bands are shelving filters with up to 9 dB of boost or cut and four different frequency options per band. The midrange bands are fully parametric, with sweepable frequency and Q controls and switchable gain range (±9 dB by default or ±18 dB in Focus mode). You can also keep the low-end power under control by activating the 18 dB/octave high-pass filter, which features frequency selections at 30, 40, and 50 Hz. There's also a dedicated output trim to allow convenient gain matching or driving converters to clipping.
  • Minimum-Phase Design from SSL Fusion
  • 4-Band Stereo EQ
  • High and Low Shelving Bands
  • Fully Parametric Midrange Bands
  • Precision Focus Mode
  • High-Pass Filter at 30, 40, or 50 Hz
  • Dedicated Output Trim

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  • SSL 500-Series UltraViolet EQ
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