Sennheiser SoundProtex Plus

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Protect your hearing from a wide range of sounds without muddled audio with the SoundProtex Pro Earplugs from Sennheiser, innovative protective earplugs that reduce sound evenly across the frequency range for protection from power tools, concerts, racetracks, and more. The SoundProtex Pro comes with three acoustic two-stage filters: strong protects you from loud concerts and machines, medium is perfect for festivals or general travel, and weak is ideal for quieter concerts and noisy public spaces.
The eartips are designed for a secure fit and are made from medical-grade, biocompatible TPE, providing a hygienic, easily cleanable material that is comfortable to wear. Besides the three pairs of acoustic filters, SoundProtex Pro also includes a full-block filter that gives you complete isolation from sound for a perfectly quiet experience, and even keeps your ears dry during a swim. Along with the filter pairs, this system includes three sizes of eartip adapters (small, medium, and large) and one pouch bag for carrying your SoundProtex to your next engagement.
  • Protects Hearing from Loud Sounds
  • Provides Clear, High-Fidelity Sound
  • Three Different Acoustic Filter Types
  • Medical-Grade, Biocompatible TPE Eartips
  • Full-Block Filter Keeps Ears Dry
  • Includes 3 Adapter Pairs, 2 Filter Pairs
  • Comes with Carry Pouch
What's in the box?
  • Sennheiser SoundProtex Plus
  • 3 x Eartip Adapter Pair
  • 3 x Acoustic Filter Pair
  • Full-Block Filter Pair
  • Pouch Bag