sE Electronics Reflexion Filter X

  • sE Electronics Reflexion Filter X
  • sE Electronics Reflexion Filter X
  • sE Electronics Reflexion Filter X



Product Manual

The Reflexion Filter X from sE Electronics prevents unwanted audio ambience from contaminating your vocal tracks in untreated acoustic environments. This acoustic filter uses the same patented technology as the RF-Pro. Its lightweight body and clamp assembly makes the RF-X simple and easy to use. The RF-X is lighter than its predecessors, but still maintains durability. It features a four-layer acoustic filter design comprising the outer composite panel itself, a wool fabric layer, an air gap layer and an inner acoustic foam layer. The air gap ensures that recordings exhibit almost no sound coloration when the RF-X filter is used. The RF-X clamp assembly's lightweight design can be used on almost any microphone stand. It allows vertical mounting only, making it ideal for vocal recording.

What's in the Box?
Microphone Stand Mounting Clamp
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sE Electronics was founded in 2000 and is widely known for its wide choice of microphones and their supplements. Up to this day, the company has won nearly every award for technology quality in Europe. Also, it is the biggest microphone seller in the United Kingdom, making its way to the top of smaller European markets.

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