Ortofon Stylus VNL I

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Engineered with extra resistance to scratching and backspinning, the Ortofon VNL I Moving Magnet Cartridge is designed specifically to fit the needs of DJs, turntablists, and portablists. The VNL I Flexible helps you achieve the optimal feel for your particular style.
The VNL offers high-performance tracking that's not only well suited to both DVS and vinyl, but also up to the demanding needs of portable turntable enthusiasts who regularly play in unusual locations—where isolating the decks from vibrations can be almost impossible. Record wear during back-cueing and scratching is kept to a minimum by the sturdy spherical design.
  • Tailored for Turntablists & Portablists
  • Resistance to Scratching & Backspinning
  • High Tracking Performance
  • High Rigidity, Resonance-Free
  • Easy Headshell Mounting
  • Optimal Balance of Output and Fidelity
What's in the box?
  • Ortofon Stylus VNL I
Frequency Range 20 - 20 000 Hz
Output Voltage 6 mV
Stylus Type Spherical
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