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iCon V1-X

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Add additional tactile channel control to your V1-M DAW control surface with the V1-X DAW Control Expander from Icon. This 8-channel extender module provides an additional eight 100mm faders and eight encoder knobs, providing hands-on access to additional channels quickly and easily without having to change banks as often. Visual feedback is provided via several displays: a 2" TFT screen shows main channel information, the LED meter bridge displays levels, and a 1.14" screen for each channel shows additional DAW-dependent information.

8 Channels of Additional Control for Your V1-M System

  • Incorporate the V1-X DAW Control Expander to unlock unparalleled potential for your V1-M. Each V1-X module boasts eight touch-sensitive motorized channel faders with 12-bit resolution, complemented by eight dual-function encoder knobs, and essential mute, solo, select, and record buttons.
  • The 2" TFT display shows you channel information, including names, pan positions, and various control parameters for each channel, while the meter bridge shows you levels at a glance.
  • A lower 1.14" TFT display shows additional information, depending on your DAW's capabilities.
  • As with the V1-M, the V1-X features the super-stable Cortex-M7 at 500 MHz ARM chip to help ensure reliability and durability along with ground breaking functionality for many years to come.
  • The unit connects to your Mac/Windows computer via USB-C; a USB-C cable and power adapter are included.
  • Please remember that the expandability of the V1-X relies on your Digital Audio Workstation’s capabilities. Refer to your DAW’s manual to determine the number of extenders supported. Elevate your audio prowess with the V1-X DAW Control Expander, and unleash an entirely new level of control in your music production journey.
  • Functions as an extender for the Icon Pro Audio V1-M MIDI DAW controller
  • 8 touch-sensitive, 100mm motorized faders with 12-bit resolution
  • Extremely hardwearing, durable, and versatile
  • Onboard 2" TFT display showing channel name, control values, and channel colors (DAW dependent)
  • Attractive, modern meter bridge featuring precise, clear, and eye-catching LED meters
  • Additional, lower 1.14" TFT display for each channel (some DAW’s are equipped to display additional information)
  • 8 smooth-action, dual-function encoder knobs (Rotate and Enter)
  • Illuminated buttons for channel control including Mute, Solo, and Record
  • Supports Universal Mackie Control and HUI protocols for seamless integration with compatible music production software
  • Supports Ability, Audition, Ableton Live, Bitwig, Cakewalk, Cubase/Nuendo, Digital Performer, FL Studio, Mixbus 32C, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Luna, Reaper, Reason, Samplitude, Studio One, and Tracktion Waveform
  • iMap software downloadable from product page on website
  • USB-C high-speed connectivity
  • Firmware upgrade available via USB-C connection and iMap software
  • Superior build quality and robust metal casing with Kensington lock port
  • Superb reliability with Cortex-M7 500 MHz ARM chip
What's in the box?
  • Icon Pro Audio V1-X DAW Control Expander for V1-M
  • USB-C Cable
  • AC Power Adapter with Plug
Dimensions 38.4 x 30.9 x 17.8 cm
Weight 3.62 kg

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