FiiO CP13 (Red)

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Get the most out of your legacy cassette collection and enjoy modern releases with the red/silver CP13 Portable Stereo Cassette Player from FiiO. As the merging roads of nostalgia and novelty continue to boost audio cassette sales year after year, music fans now have a high-end option for experiencing that analog sound on the go. Inside the CP13 is a thoughtfully engineered system with premium components. The result of FiiO's hard work is stable and consistent playback with minimal distortion. Modern touches enhance the vintage experience, with an efficient lithium cobalt oxide battery for up to 13 hours of power, a dual-color aluminum alloy chassis, and buttons made to be both wear and corrosion resistant.

Premium Materials for Optimized Sound

To maximize sound quality, consistent playback, and ensure wow and flutter are extremely low, FiiO made sure to source premium cassette components and integrate them with optimized engineering. For example, they removed the typical recording and autoreverse functionality to simplify the design and improve playback quality. This movement is joined by an oversized pure copper fly wheel that's 1.2" in diameter and 0.16" thick.


Balanced Amplification

Using a custom-balanced amplification head, FiiO helps the CP13 create even left/right channel performance. It uses a thickened magnetic head cover to both reduce wear on the head, but also to better shield it from any interference. A differential circuit is also used to ensure stable transmission, a higher signal-to-noise ratio, and low distortion.


High-Voltage Motor

At 4.2V, FiiO gives their motor a higher-voltage power supply than many other players. The higher voltage works with the motor-speed stabilization circuit to deliver consistent playback and support cassette types I to IV.
  • 2-Track Stereo Playback
  • Supports Type I-IV Audio Cassettes
  • Oversized Fly Wheel for Stable Operation
  • Audiophile Op-Amp JRC5532
  • UP to 13 Hours of Battery Life
  • Up to 268 Days of Standby Power
  • Volume Potentiometer for Precise Control
  • 4.2V High-Voltage Motor Power Supply
  • Dual-Color Aluminum Alloy Chassis
  • Wear and Corrosion-Resistant Buttons
  • Classic audiophile op-amp JRC5532
  • Volume knob potentiometer for reliable adjustment
  • 1800mAh lithium cobalt oxide battery
  • Up to 13 hours of playback and 268 days of standby
  • USB-C charging with optional 5V power adapter
  • Can be used while recharging
What's in the box?
  • FiiO CP13 Portable Stereo Cassette Player (Red/Silver)
  • USB-A to USB-C Cable
  • Window Protective Film
Wi-Fi No
Battery Life >13 hours @40mV
Dimensions 12 x 8.83 x 3.18 cm
Weight 310 g
Color Red

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