IsoAcoustics ISO-Puck Mini (8 pcs.)

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The ISO-PUCK mini is the new little brother of the popular ISO-PUCK, offering the same benefits but designed for lighter speakers and monitors. The IsoAcoustics ISO-PUCK mini provide an innovative new approach in isolating studio monitors, speakers and other systems. This unique design provides a high degree of isolation while resisting lateral movement and oscillations, which results in greater sound clarity and focus. This versatile isolation tool is possibly the most cost effective upgrade available for improving the performance and clarity of your speakers or monitors.

The ISO-PUCK mini’s upper flange “suction cup” design adheres to the underside of the cabinet making the upper isolator live with the speaker, while the lower isolator anchors to the supporting surface. All the energy is managed within the core of the ISO-PUCK mini’s isolators which are carefully tuned to provide superior isolation and control while remaining on-axis.

The low-profile design makes the ISO-PUCK and ISO-Puck mini the ideal solution on meter bridges, floor stands, consoles, desktops, millwork, or soffit mounted. These isolators decouple studio monitors and speakers from the supporting surface to eliminate the transfer of energy and the resulting sound smearing and coloration. Even placement on the most solid surfaces will greatly benefit as the internal reflections coming back up from the supporting surface are attenuated to eliminate the smear and provide greater sound clarity and open up the stereo image.

  • Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.4 cm
  • Tilt: No
  • Weight Cap: 2.75 kg per ISO-PUCK mini
What's in the box?
  • IsoAcoustics ISO-Puck Mini (8 pcs.)
Minimum Height 4.4 cm
Maximum Height 4.4 cm
Outer Dimensions 4.4 x 2.4 cm
Weight 2.75 kg per ISO-PUCK mini
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