iFi Audio micro iPhono3 Black Label

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With a stunning, super-low 85dB noise floor (per Stereophile standard) the iPhono3 Black Label is out there. One of the quietest phono stages.
Like any good phono stage, it amplifies the signal, not the noise. The whisper-quiet noise floor is there for any home audio system to discern. Take it for a test drive from the comfort of your favourite listening chair.
  • 6 x EQ curves: RIAA/eRIAA/IEC/eRIAA+IEC/Decca/Columbia
  • AA+IEC/Decca/Columbia
  • Direct-coupled, servoless Class A TubeState amplifier
  • Nichicon audio-grade power supply capacitors
  • ELNA Silmic ll capacitors, Panasonic OSCON aluminum polymer capacitors
  • High performance JFET opamps
  • Hand-matched ultra-low noise bi-polar transistors
What's in the box?
  • iFi Audio micro iPhono3 Black Label
Inputs 2
Outputs 1
Wireless Capability No
Additional Features EQ switch, Settings Switches
Outer Dimensions 15.8 x 5.8 x 2.8 cm
Weight 265 g

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