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FiiO M23

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Audio lovers rejoice, FiiO has come up with the all-new M23 portable digital audio player. This portable Android music player comes equipped with top-quality hardware including a high-end AK4499EX+AK4191EQ DAC chipset along with THX AAA 78+ high-power amp section. It produces exceptionally solid performance with high-resolution audio signal decoding and a power headphone output support. The FiiO M23 is the first DAP in FiiO’s lineup to feature dual USB ports one of which is dedicated for power input. It supports Desktop mode which provides a strong output of up to 1W per channel, this is the best you can get at its price point. FiiO M23 is an exciting portable audio player that promises an upgrade in portable HiFi audio enjoyment.

AKM Latest Flagship DAC Chipset

At the very heart and core of the latest M23, we have AKM’s latest AK4499EX and AK4191EQ DAC chipset. This 32-bit Velvet tech DAC from AKM Technologies promises an exceptionally solid sound signal decoding ensuring true high-resolution PCM and DSD audio signal decoding with ultra-low distortion and high SNR performance.


High-Power Output

With the help of a fully balanced 4-channel THX AAA 78+ amp section, the FiiO M23 produces a high-power output. It delivers a maximum output of up to 1W per channel when used in Desktop Mode. With such a humongous powerful output, The FiiO M23 can easily drive most IEMs and Headphones with ease.


Dual USB Connection Ports

FiiO M23 is the brand’s first portable Audio player to feature dual independent USB ports. One of these ports is a dedicated power input port which can be used to connect to a power adapter and charge the device or use it in dedicated Desktop Mode. The other port can be used with smartphones and other deevices to be used as a dedicated USB DAC/Amp.


Independent Digital and Analog Power Supply

FiiO has specially developed a 4-stage 20-rail power supply architecture for the M23. This provides a solid foundation for the digital and analog sections on the device and provides them with an independent and isolated current for optimal performance. 


FiiO’s Special Digital Audio Purification System (DAPS)

FiiO has developed a Digital Audio Purification System(DAPS) that combines a FiiO-developed HiFI audio core that bypasses the Android system and a low-jitter femtosecond clock processor. Together, the system provides a unified Hi-Res audio performance across different applications on the Android system and promises top-level sonic performance across each application.


High-Capacity Battery WIth Fast Charging Support

FiiO M23 houses a large 5500mAh battery with 30W fast-charging support. The M23 has a solid battery life of up to 10.5 hours in single-ended mode and up to 9 hours in balanced connection mode. It supports 30W fast charging that charges the device up to 80% within 1 hour.

  • Desktop Mode for Continuous Playback
  • Up to 10.5 Hours of Mobile Playback
  • Combo AKM AK4191EQ & AK4499EX DACs
  • Dual 4-Way Balanced THX AAA 78+ Amps
  • Digital Audio Purification System
  • 5.5" HD Display with 18:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 4 Gain Levels with Super High Gain Mode
  • Dual Mode 30W Fast Charging
  • Customizable RGB Pulsating Lights
  • microSD Card Slot Supports up to 2TB
What's in the box?
  • FiiO M23
Wi-Fi No
Dimensions 7.5 x 13.6 x 1.8 cm
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