Expressive E Osmose

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Musicians, producers, and sound designers looking for more expression in a synthesizer/controller will be thrilled with the Expressive E Osmose, a 24-voice polyphonic synthesizer with an innovative way to control sound using gestures (press, bend, shake, and more). The instrument features a deep sound-design engine and hundreds of ready-to-use, innovative presets. It also functions as a powerful controller for hardware and software synthesizers.
Expressive E has combined traditional craftmanship with modern technology when creating Osmose, a result of over 10 years of research and development, as well as feedback from world-class artists. With these new physical gestures, Osmose allows musicians to interact with sounds and produce music like never before. Each note can be articulated independently with unique expressive possibilities. The onboard sound engine was developed by Haken Audio and contains many types of digital synthesis, making it a workflow-oriented soundbox. There are a pair of 1/4" main outputs and two assignable pedal inputs, plus 5-pin DIN MIDI I/O and USB.
  • 49 Full-Size Keys with 3D Control
  • Standalone Synthesizer
  • MPE MIDI Controller
  • Classic MIDI Controller
  • EaganMatrix Digital Modular Synth Engine
  • Up to 24 Voice Polyphony
  • Color LCD Screen + Pitch and Mod Sliders
  • Two Continuous Pedal Inputs, Assignable
  • Two 1/4" Line + 1/4" Headphone Outputs
  • 5-Pin DIN MIDI I/O + USB
What's in the box?
  • Expressive E Osmose
  • Power Supply
Type Digital
Polyphony Polyphonic
Outer Dimensions 89.4 x 31.5 x 8.6 cm
Weight 8.3 kg