Decksaver 12inch Mixer Cover

Decksaver 12inch Mixer Cover


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Created specifically for 12inch Mixer, this cover ideally fits on top of it - you don't even need to disconnect any cables to put the cover on. Decksaver 12inch Mixer is made out of durable polycarbonate which means reliable protection of your instrument. It is also possible to transport your instrument with the cover on top if required. All surface details will be safe from dust, liquids and accidental damage.

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Decksaver's quest is to protect DJs' gear from adverse conditions and damage. They manufacture simple but durable covers that fit like a glove, encasing all controls and components whilst making allowances for cables. Decksaver covers are tough, reliable and flawlessly finished to the very highest of standards. Drawing on 45 years experience in plastics manufacturing, design engineering and innovation, they use the latest polycarbonate technology, utilised in bullet-proof glass manufacturing.

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