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Akai Professional MPC X (Special Edition)

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Performing musicians and music producers looking for a standalone music production system should check out the gray Akai Professional MPC X Special Edition, the latest flagship music production workstation, complete with an integrated sampler, sequencer, 10" touchscreen, 16 velocity-sensitive RGB-backlit pads and 16 endless encoder Q-Link controls, each with an OLED display.

The MPC X SE incorporates a quad-core ARM processor, 4GB of RAM, and 48GB of storage to power the MPC 2.0 software, without the need to connect to a host computer. What's more, the unit can operate in Control Mode, which further expands the functionality by connecting to a computer to operate the same MPC 2.0 standalone software as a plugin in your favorite DAW. The MPC 2.0 software has added some powerful features including audio track recording, real-time time-stretching (audio warping), pitch-shifting, audio and MIDI drag-and-drop, clip program mode for clip-launching, an updated mixer layout with advanced signal routing, and enhanced Q-Link control.

The MPC X SE ships preinstalled with 18GB of sounds and samples. The internal drive bay includes a 2.5" SATA drive connector, allowing you to install an optional SSD or HDD hard drive. Content can easily be uploaded and/or recorded to the full-sized SD card or USB thumb drives. The full-color 10" multitouch screen offers quick and easy visual feedback and editing capabilities. View samples with pinch zoom, trim start and end times, and adjust and process samples on the fly. The XYFX allows you to control multiple effect parameters simultaneously, while the sequencer and mix page make short work of entering/deleting notes, editing values, and adjusting mix parameters. The MPC X SE ships with a power supply and USB cable.

What's New

Loaded with the premium MPC Plug-in Instrument Collection, 48GB of internal storage, and 4GB of RAM for sampling capabilities, MPC X Special Edition is the most powerful standalone music production machine ever, delivering exciting musicmaking abilities right to your fingers.

Timeless Look and Feel

With the iconic workflow and time-tested functions, MPC continues to the be the leading sampling and sequencing production platform for every generation of hitmaker. With its retro colorway, MPC X SE bridges the legend of MPC and cutting-edge music technology.

Built for Creative Connections

MPC X SE brings your creative space together with all the connections needed to transform your project studio into a modern music production suite. Control MIDI, instrument, CV/gate, and modular enabled devices without skipping a beat.

A Source of Superior Sound

Capture pristine audio directly from vinyl turntables for clean sample and loop creation right into your sample memory. Record longer pieces of audio from instruments, microphones, and beyond with expanded internal memory.

Winning Workflow

Step into the driver's seat of an integrated workflow. Sequence all your devices, route audio to multiple outputs independently, and connect wireless to devices over Wi-Fi thanks to Ableton Link 3. An adjustable 10" multigesture display keeps you comfortable in even the longest sessions.

The Power of Sound

Experience a new dimension in sound powered by 25 plug-in instruments at your fingertips. Access over 6000 cutting edge presets including deep atmospheric pads, drone basses to rich electric and grand pianos. Each plug-in features advanced synthesis with deep parameter editing and effects for the most demanding productions.

Award-Winning Insert Effects Plug-Ins

Finalize your beats into mixed and mastered recordings. MPC X SE offers a growing collection of insert effects like the AIR Vocal Suite, Half Speed, Stutter, Flavor, and more for creative arranging and mixing to bring any project across the finish line.

World-Class Samples and Sounds

Enjoy the best sound and sample libraries available anywhere to ensure you have the most inspiring sounds. Find one-shots to loops from MSX audio, Marco Polo, Snipe Young, and many more leading sound designers.

Total DAW Control

MPC X SE features seamless DAW integration with the powerful MPC 2 desktop software. MPC 2 brings expanded track counts, increased plug-in instances, and VST/AU support for all your 3rd party plugins. Take control of Ableton Live using MPC's powerful onboard Ableton Controller Mode for instant Live performance and production.
  • Standalone MPC, no computer required
  • 10.1” full-color multitouch display
  • Also acts as a control surface for MPC 2.0 software
  • 16 Touch-capacitive Q-Link controls with OLED displays
  • Turntable (RCA) inputs with ground peg
  • 48GB of on-board storage (over 10GB of sound content included)
  • User-expandable 2.5” SATA drive connector (SSD or HDD)
  • 2 MIDI inputs, 4 MIDI Outputs
  • 8 configurable CV/Gate outputs for the analog control of modular gear, such as classic synths
  • 2 USB-A 3.0 slots for thumb drives or MIDI controllers
  • Ableton Link and Wi-Fi
What's in the box?
  • Akai Professional MPC X Special Edition Standalone Music Production Center with Sampler and Sequencer
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Cable
Analog/Digital Yes
Sequencer Yes
Pads/buttons Yes
Dimensions 50.5 x 42.4 x 8.6 cm (with Display Flat) / 50.5 x 38.9 x 21.3 cm (with Display Upright)
Weight 5.7 kg

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