Zaor Vision O

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VISION O is a 63” (1595mm) desk in an iconic black and white design that offers enough open space for all devices needed in today’s creative workflows
The big brother of the VISION line is the VISION W workstation. Featuring the same massive width of 63” (1595mm) and a depth of 32”1/2 (825mm) for the desktop, a second level incorporating 3 x 3 rack units and space above for screen(s) and or speakers, ideally supported by the optional Isoplane isolators. With a total height of 35”3/4 (907mm) the W has the ideal height and most things a modern producer desires in a very handsome package. Space for controllers, Qwerty keyboard and mouse, vital rack gear right in from of you within easy reach, a higher plane for screens and nearfields. Of course it also has the deep cable trough at the back that takes all of your cables, powerstrips and -supplies, even an extra hard disk.
  • Simple yet elegant design matches almost any work environment
  • Cable management keeps wire clutter hidden away
  • Cable management openings to the sides allow for easy cascading
  • Large surface for maximum productivity
  • Maximum desk load: 80 kg
What's in the box?
  • Zaor Vision O
Material Melamine Faced Chipboard
Outer Dimensions 77 x 155.9 x 85 cm
Weight 59 kg

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