Zaor Miza Z Flex (Grey Wengé)

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For the minimalist who wants more, the new Miza Z FLEX provides a particularly large surface area and also features a heavy-duty Dual Rail System accessory tray with height adjustment, smart updated cable management and classy Miza design.
This is your space: the Miza Z FLEX offers by far the largest amount of desktop real estate of the whole Miza range. Its surface is perfectly suited for all kinds of applications that demand room for desktop devices, controllers, tablets, screens, speakers … and for all those where space may not be required, but is still appreciated. From all-in-one computer systems to multiple screens to speaker stands like our D-Stand Mk II, the Miza Z FLEX accommodates whatever equipment you need for your creative process.

If you need rack space, you can easily add a few Miza Griprack Mk II as well to customise your desk until it is completely yours. And there is more space under the hood: the Dual Rail System pull-out tray can carry up to 40 kgs of equipment, from master keyboards to controllers, and is now also height adjustable in eight steps. Strong supports ensure that the tray remains absolutely stable even at full extension. With all the equipment comes a lot of wiring, and the Miza Z FLEX accounts for this, too! The cable management hides away any potential clutter while always keeping it readily available. All the functionality aside, Miza Z FLEX is also a piece of excellent furniture that uses solid wood applications for its outstandingly elegant design.
  • Even more tray width for large controllers
  • Redesigned cable management for maximum efficiency and convenience
  • Optimised construction saves weight and packaging
  • Luxurious desk with large surface area for media creatives
  • Miza style cable management
What's in the box?
  • Zaor Miza Z Flex (Grey Wengé)
Material Chipboard with melamine resin coating
Outer Dimensions 183.6 x 81.8 x 85 - 126 cm
Weight 91 kg