Steinberg Nuendo 11

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As the most advanced audio post-production solution available, Nuendo is the choice of film, TV, game audio and immersive sound industry professionals worldwide. Ever since its initial release, Nuendo has been a vital tool in creating the soundtrack to many high-profile productions, products and installations.
Regular updates with new features, workflow improvements and additional, user-requested functions mean that Nuendo constantly exceeds the expectations of an audio workstation dedicated to audio post, with high end — often unique — capabilities that continue an ongoing revolution in audio and media production software.
  • Post-production DAW for television, movies, game audio design, and more
  • World-class mixing in up to 22.2 surround with Dolby Atmos support
  • Specialized Loudness Meter ensures Netflix-compliant streaming content
  • SpectraLayers One allows you to edit sound in the spectral domain with surgical precision
  • Intelligibility Meter helps safeguard the audibility and clarity of your dialog
  • SuperVision metering plug-in includes customizable settings for an ultra-accurate view of your sound
  • Job Queues lets you queue multiple jobs with different export requirements for simultaneous processing
  • Soundly Cloud Services support enables you to import files from Soundly with a single mouse click
  • Sound design tools and content for creating enhanced, multi-genre sonic experiences
  • Sampler Track includes slicing, LFOs, and legato glide
  • Music features, workflow, and performance enhancements
  • Field Recorder Audio Import matches field recorder audio files to events in your project
  • Video Cut Detection analyzes video files for edits and inserts markers for each cut
  • Doppler effect simulates the movement, distance, and perception of a passing sound source
  • VoiceDesigner modifies voices and crafts otherworldly sound effects
  • dearVR Spatial Connect integration for creating and mixing immersive 3D audio content directly in the VR environment
  • Music features like VariAudio 3, Distroyer effect, MixConsole Snapshots, and Groove Agent SE 5
  • Audio Random Access (ARA) allows tight integration with plug-ins
  • Channel strip EQ, VCA faders, and fully integrated loudness measurement
  • Game Audio Connect 2 transfers whole music compositions as music segments into Audiokinetic Wwise
  • Built-in ADR system allows for fully integrated voice and foley recording
  • Advanced multitrack audio-to-picture editing with playlists and video-follows-audio editing
  • Direct Offline Processing for applying the most often used offline processes as a chain for selected clips
  • Sound Randomizer easily creates different variations of a sound
  • Renamer automatic renames events within your project
  • VST MultiPanner allows for immersive sound panning while working in Dolby Atmos
  • Integrated re-conforming solution for automatic audio-to-picture alignment
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