Presonus ISPD-4 Isolation Pads (4 pcs.)

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The Presonus ISPD-4 are innovative monitor isolation pads that fit virtually any near-field studio speakers.

You’ve invested in a pair of high-quality studio monitor speakers, and you can’t wait to hear what your music really sounds like. So you place the speakers on a desktop, mixer top, or speaker stands and… yikes! Vibrations and resonant energy travel from your monitors to the supporting surface as the speakers and surface acoustically couple, resulting in unwanted coloration and reduced clarity. Fortunately, you can easily fix the problem with a set of PreSonus ISPD-4 isolation pads. These inexpensive foam pads isolate your speakers from their supporting surface, reducing vibration and improving clarity and midrange resolution.

Sold in pairs, each PreSonus ISPD-4 isolation pad can be divided into halves and configured in several ways so you can use them with virtually any near-field studio monitors. For small, vertically placed speakers, use half of an isolator per side or employ the full pad, whichever works best. Place two half-pads side-by-side to accommodate larger speakers or horizontal placement.

  • Wedge insert for angling three different ways
  • Dense foam for sturdy and reliable mounting
  • Reduces vibrations and coloured sound
  • Optimises the audio performance of your studio monitors/speakers
  • Ideal for home and professional studio use
  • 265 x 330 x 40mm, suitable for most popular studio monitors