Pioneer RMX-500-K

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The Remix-Station 500 enhances DJ performances by generating a range of sound effects with a variety of controls, all accessible at your fingertips.

Add the RMX-500 to almost any DJ rig to incorporate a multitude of audio effects to the tracks you're playing.

In an industry-first, a 'Pressure Controller' knob is featured on the RMX-500, which can further alter and vary the affects of the arrangements.

The RMX-500 includes three effects sections, Rhythm FX, Scene FX, and Release FX.

Rhythm FX offers five audio effects: Roll, Trans, Add, Rev Delay and Offset, which cut up the music to manipulate it into new rhythms. this section also incorporates five instrument buttons, offering six different patterns of sound that can be added with a simple touch.

The Scene FX section lets you choose from five build-up effects and five breakdown effects, decreasing or increasing the parameters with a simple turn.

Release FX includes a button that eliminates the current music playing and leaves only the sound effects when activated. Three types of Release FX are available, Vinyl Brake, Echo and Back Spin.

The Remix-Station 500 can also act as a USB Controller.

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