Oyaide NEO d+ Class B DJ Set

  • Oyaide NEO d+ Class B DJ Set
  • Oyaide NEO d+ Class B DJ Set
  • Oyaide NEO d+ Class B DJ Set


d+ RCA Class B 1.0m x 2 cables + d+ USB Class B 1.0m x 1 High quality USB 2.0 flat cable + cable carry case x 1 from Oyaide.

These d+ series RCA cables were designed with high-end audio systems in mind and ensure a strong connection between units. The flat cable prevents signal loss by cable bend, and protects the signal from external/internal noise and electro-magnetic waves by combination of TPE outer sheath, double-shielding, and twist-pair structure. Every digital DJ knows the importance of a solid connection, and these Oyaide cables deliver top performance all around. This DUO set comes with a matching pair of RCA's in 1m length, perfect for use with digital DJ interfaces.

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NEO is the brand of OYAIDE Elec. Co., Ltd aiming at all creators such as sound engineers, producers, musicians, and DJs. The simple concept of NEO is providing hi-quality products integrating with tradition and innovation. The hi-performance, long-time durability and reliability are permanent value of NEO products.

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