Nura Nuraphone

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Hear your favourite music like never before! The nuraphone is the world's only headphone that automatically learns and adapts to your hearing.
The nuraphone learns your hearing in about one minute. The first time you put on the nuraphone, it plays a short series of tones. As your ear hears these tones, your inner ear actually produces a tiny sound in response. This tiny sound is called the Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) and it tells the nuraphone what tones your ears are more or less sensitive to.

The nuraphone uses 6 extremely sensitive microphones to detect this returning sound and automatically creates your unique hearing profile.

With your hearing profile applied, you’ll hear your favourite music like never before.

Your unique profile is stored within the nuraphone allowing you to listen to any device with your perfect sound. Up to three profiles can be stored on your nuraphone at any time.
  • Active Noise Cancellation 
    Quieter listening and crisp, clear detail at the same time.
  • Social Mode™
    Tap to pass external audio into the nuraphone to hear your surroundings.
  • More Touch Button Functionality
    Single and double tap allowing up to 4x custom functions.
  • Spoken Battery Level + Audible Charging Signal
    Spoken battery levels and charging tones help you keep your nuraphones charged, so you‘re never without your favourite music.
  • Offline Mode
    Adjust your settings wherever you are, even in the air. Control your nuraphones, and access the nura app, without connecting to the internet.
  • Bluetooth QuickSwitch
    Easily swap between your phone, computer and more while listening, without worrying about disconnecting from your devices.
  • Improved Voice Calls
    Crisper and clearer voice calls, improved clarity in noisy environments.
  • nurasound™
    The nuraphone automatically learns how you hear and creates your unique hearing profile. Experience your favourite music like never before.
  • Inova™
    Patented in & over design, with in-ear buds providing crisp, clear melodies while over-ear cups deliver bass you can feel.
  • TeslaFlow™
    TeslaFlow valves in the nuraphone‘s ear cups pull cool air in and push warm air out, keeping you cool and comfortable.
What's in the box?
  • Nura Nuraphone
  • Travel case
  • USB-A charging cable
  • Multi-sized ear tips
Design Over-ear
Active Noise Cancellation Yes
Wireless Bluetooth
Battery Runtime 12 - 24 Hours
Battery Recharge Time 3 Hours
Headphones Mic Yes
Headphones Foldable No
Frequency Range 20 - 20 000 Hz
Weight 332 g
Total sold (purchased) qty 9

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