Lume Cube Portable Lighting Kit

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The Lume Cube Portable Lighting Kit consists of a Lume Cube LED light, a Hot Shoe Mount with Light Stand Adaptor and a Micro USB charging cable. This kit is ideal if you have a DSLR camera and are looking for a light that can be attached in various ways. The Hot Shoe Mount adaptor that is included can be used to mount the Lume Cube on your camera or tripod.
You can use the Lume Cube as an external light source for your smartphone, digital camera, action camera or drones. You can use it as an LED light or a flash. When used as a light it provides 1500 Lumens at full power and is fully dimmable. Because the colour temperature is 6000K, you always have beautiful clear white light. When you use the Lume Cube as a flash, it has variable duration of 1/8000 to freeze motion to 1 second for more exposure. The light has a built-in optical sensor, so you can use the Lume Cube as a slave flash in combination with separate system flashes.

The Lume Cube is also ideal when you need light in wet conditions. It is waterproof up to 30 metres, so you can even have light when diving or surfing, for example. You can adjust the light settings using the Lume Cube app. When the battery is depleted, you can charge it in about 1.5 hours with the included Micro USB charging cable. So head on out with the Lume Cube Portable Lighting Kit!
  • Suitable for action cameras, drones and digital cameras
  • Compact LED light and flash in one
  • 1500 Lumens at full power
  • Shutter speeds from 1/8000 to 1 second
  • Colour temperature: 6000K
  • Fully dimmable
  • Waterproof to 30 metres
  • Control via the app with Bluetooth
  • Includes 1/4 screw thread for easy attachment to tripod connections
  • Slave function for use in combination with separate system flash units
  • Battery runtime: 20 to 120 minutes
  • Material: Silicone casing
  • Dimensions: 3.8 cm x 3.8 cm x 3.8 cm
What's in the box?
  • Lume Cube LED light
  • Hot Shoe Mount for DSLR camera
  • Light stand adaptor
  • Micro USB charging cable