KRK Rokit RP4 G3 Active Monitors (Pair)

  • KRK Rokit RP4 G3 Active Monitors (Pair)
  • KRK Rokit RP4 G3 Active Monitors (Pair)
  • KRK Rokit RP4 G3 Active Monitors (Pair)
  • KRK Rokit RP4 G3 Active Monitors (Pair)
  • KRK Rokit RP4 G3 Active Monitors (Pair)

KRK Rokit RP4 G3 Active Monitors (Pair)


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Product Manual

KRK's Rokit RP4 G3 powered studio monitors reproduce sound with necessary accuracy and sharpness to hear everything in your mix as it is. Fitted with a 2.5cm tweeter and 10.1cm woofer, RP4 G3 provides you with an extended range of high-frequencies (up to 35kHz) altogether with amazing bass response and vocal clarity like no place else. Besides, RP4 G3's baffle surface reduces distortion and imaging detail is improved by the tweeter waveguide, which is designed so that it maximises detail and crispness. For longevity, ferro-fluid damping and cooling is used so that your monitors do not overheat and do not sound distorted. You will also find a port in the front part of your monitors, which diminishes boundary coupling, meaning that wherever you place it in your room / studio, your monitor pair will sound great. Finally, the monitors are fitted with three input connection options (including XLR, 3.5mm and unbalanced RCA), again ensuring that they will fit perfectly into your studio rig. As you can see, it all adds up to pristine monitoring accuracy across the frequency spectrum, which is essential regardless if you are a beginner, or a professional.


  • Smooth and accurate frequency response due to active two-way cross-over system

  • Front-firing port reduces unnecessary turbulence and resonance

  • Optimised for stunning detail and clarity

  • Driver cone design ensures accurate reproduction of vocals

  • Control volume from the rear panels and adjust the gain from -30dB to +6dB

  • Fitted with XLR, 3.5mm and unbalanced RCA inputs for convenience

  • Diffraction distortion eliminated by curved baffle

  • Overload and thermal protection ensures monitor longevity

What's in the Box?
Power cord
User manual
Frequency Response (Hz) 51 - 35 000
Watts (each) 30
Inputs Unbalanced RCA, balanced 6.3mm TRS, balanced XLR
Woofer Size/Type 10.1cm
Cabinet Dimensions 21.1 x 15.5 x 23.8
Weight (kg) 7.86
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About Brand
KRKAuthorized dealer

KRK Systems was founded in 1986 by an engineer Keith Klawitter. He was frustrated by the fact he couldn’t find a monitor that gave him clarity and accuracy, so the solution was to build his own monitors. The rest is history – KRK monitors can now be found in lots of studios all around the world, because they are an industry standard.

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