Keith McMillen QuNexus MIDI Keyboard / Controller

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The QuNexus Smart Sensor Keyboard Controller from Keith McMillen is a 25-key USB MIDI controller that features versatile parameter mapping as well as OSC and CV/Gate support. It is designed to provide expressive control of software instruments, MIDI sound modules and analog synths, for everyone from the beginner musician to seasoned professional.

The QuNexus' 25 "Smart Sensor" keys are designed to give the user comprehensive musical control. The controller detects both the tilt and the pressure being applied to each key as you play, both of which can be mapped to the MIDI parameter of your choosing. For example, key tilt can be mapped to the MIDI pitch bend parameter for applying vibrato to your performances by simply rocking the key back and forth. Also, each key is backlit by its own blue or white LED with 16 levels of brightness.

The QuNexus connects to your computer's USB port allowing you to control your software instruments as well as any MIDI sound modules that are connected to your MIDI interface. In addition, the QuNexus features CV/Gate (Control Voltage) support for controlling analog synth modules that may not have MIDI capability. It also supports the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol for interfacing with hardware or computer-based instruments that utilize this newer, networking-based method of musical control.

Polyphonic aftertouch allows you to transmit multiple aftertouch values at once when different pressures are applied to the keys
Converts MIDI to CV and CV to MIDI for integrating your analog synths into your MIDI studio
5-pin MIDI I/O can be added with the optional KMI MIDI Expander for controlling MIDI hardware sound modules in standalone mode
Designed for plug and play control with no drivers necessary for Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux
7 octave range allows for transposition of the keyboard in either direction
Pitch bend pad for adding note bends to your performances


25 "Smart Sensor" Keys
Key Pressure and Tilt Can Be MIDI Mapped
MIDI, Control Voltage and OSC Support
Polyphonic Aftertouch
Plug and Play USB Connectivity
7 Octave Range
Blue and White LED Keys
Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux

Product instruction

Software Ableton Live, Bitwig, FL Studio, Reason
Keys 25
Features Aftertouch
Outer Dimensions 32.5 x 8.4 x 1.1 cm
Weight 0.345 kg