Kanto 26" Speaker Stands (White, Pair)

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Get the most out of your speakers with the SP series. Available in 26 and 32-inch models, these low-profile speaker stands feature a rotating top plate to ensure every sound reaches your ears. Each stand is built with heavy-duty steel to reduce undesirable vibration and features a hollow core to conceal cables and speaker wire. For maximum stability, two top plate sizes are provided, each with a mounting hole and 1/4” – 20 screw to secure your YU4, YU6 or other compatible speakers in place.

Rotating top-plate
Adjust the position of the top-plate to ensure your speakers are always angled towards you.

Interchangeable feet
Spiked feet are provided to keep the stands planted securely on carpet. To avoid damage to hardwood flooring, domed rubber feet are also included. are always angled towards you.

Solid steel structure
Built from solid steel, SP stands reduce undesirable resonance by insulating your speakers from the surrounding area. are always angled towards you.

Foam insulation
Foam padding covers the entire top surface of each stand, helping to reduce vibrations and improve overall sound quality. are always angled towards you.

Mounting hole
The SP series features a mounting hole and 1/4" - 20 screw to secure YU4, YU6 or other compatible speakers in place. are always angled towards you.

Cable management
Hollow support towers allow you to route your power cable and speaker wire, ensuring they remain concealed.

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