Kali Audio WS-12

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Designed for the studio or light-duty stage applications, the Kali Audio WS-12 is an active 12" subwoofer well suited for recording studios, broadcast environments, film mixing, and small stage setups. The WS-12 utilizes a 1000W Class-D amplifier to power the woofer, which is capable of a frequency response of 30 to 160 Hz at ±3 dB (23 Hz at -10 dB) and a maximum SPL of 123 dB.
The WS-12 excels at reproducing film soundtracks, as well as bass heavy music like EDM and Hip-Hop. The front-firing port tube is designed to ensure that all the air leaves the port tube at the same velocity, preventing turbulent chuffing while creating a tight, clean bass tone that is devoid of noise.

The rear panel offers several DIP switches for setting crossover settings, gain controls, and polarity. Two combo XLR-1/4" inputs and two XLR outputs allow for flexibility when deploying in the studio or onstage. Additionally, there are a pair of RCA inputs, which are defeatable via dip-switch settings. A universal power supply allows the WS-12 to be used anywhere in the world with the flip of a switch. The Kali Audio WS-12 ships with a power cord.
  • Selectable Crossovers
    The WS-12 has selectable crossovers every 20 Hz between 40 Hz and 140 Hz.
  • Gain Adjustment
    6 dB steps allow easy adjustment between free space, against walls, or in corners.
  • Polarity
    Reverse the sub’s polarity for better phase response in your system.
  • Footswitch
    Bypass the sub at the press of a button to listen to your mix on full-range speakers. The sub turns off, and output signal is no longer high passed when bypassed.
Frequency Response 30 - 160 Hz
Outer Dimensions 40.6 x 48.3 x 43.2 cm
Weight 28.6 kg
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