iZotope Music Production Suite 2 (Download)

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Designed for pro-audio people who want to produce, mix, and master their own music, Music Production Suite 2 packages many different pieces of software together, making them available for download in one easy bundle. Included is Nectar 3, a vocal channel strip tailored toward making your vocals sound the best they can. You also get VocalSynth 2, which can transform your vocals into synthesizers and vice versa. Talkboxes, vocoders, and more are available from VocalSynth 2.

For the rest of your instruments, Neutron 2 Advanced's channel strip with EQ, compression, gating, masking meter, and mixing assistant will come in handy to simplify the mixing process. For the mastering stage, iZotope provides Ozone 8, a suite with all the tools you need to process competitive masters ready for streaming or download.

Ozone 8 already has good level metering, but for a complete picture, iZotope has included: Tonal Balance Control, a specialized spectrum analyzer with reference targets; and Insight 2, which provides comprehensive metering for levels, phase correction, and more. Should you find clicks, pops, or other noises that you may want to repair, RX 7 Standard can help you restore damaged, noisy audio to pristine condition.


New Features over Version 2

  • Vocal Assistant provides custom presets utilizing machine learning technology to help your vocals fit in the mix
  • Unmask carves away competing mix elements directly from Vocal Assistant’s menu screen, allowing your vocals to cut through the mix 
  • Dynamic EQ with Follow EQ Mode tracks down pesky resonances and removes them in real time
  • Auto Level Mode adjusts the level of vocals before any processing, minimizing the need for corrective dynamics or riding the fader
  • Nectar 3 utilizes inter-plug-in communication to interface with other iZotope plug-ins in your session, seamlessly addressing mix issues, tonal balance, masking, and more
  • Use the included Relay module to use Nectar 3's unmasking mode with tracks that don't have iZotope plug-ins on them
  • RX 7 Breath Control is included for reducing unwanted breaths without sacrificing audio quality 
  • Melodyne 4 Essential for renowned time- and pitch-correction
  • Hundreds of professionally designed presets for music and dialogue applications
What's in the box?
  • Nectar 3 - Vocal Production Channel Strip Software for (Download)
  • Melodyne Essential 4 - Pitch Shifting/Time Stretching Software (Download)
  • RX 7 Standard Audio Restoration and Enhancement Software (Download)
  • VocalSynth 2 - Vocal Resynthesis and Harmony Generation Software (Download)
  • Insight 2 - Metering & Audio Analysis Plug-In for Music & Post Production (Download)
  • Ozone 8 Advanced - Mastering Software (Full Version, Download)
  • Neutron 2 Advanced - Mixing Software with Track Assistant (Full Version, Download)