2018 10 20   →   11:00 — 17:00   →   Kablys Club
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About and around music technology
Soundium: Enabled fuse theory, practice and experiences in the field of music technology. Main goal of the event is to demonstrate and educate. For the first time in the Baltics a space under one roof will be dedicated to DJ/studio gear testings, lectures with brand ambassadors and performances of local geeks.

However, we think the most important part of Soundium: Enabled is its participant (YOU), coming with his/her own approach to the creative process – so the door is open to anyone, and networking is strongly encouraged. See you on October 20th.
Demo Space
Demo space a designated getting-your-hands-on-gear area. You can expect various equipment here, part of which will be hot & new: starting from DJ turntables, ending with modular synths, drum machines and DAW controllers. Some brand representatives will also be around, so do not hesitate to get tips straight from these professionals.
Lecture Space
The benefit of lectures that are planned is knowledge useful when you come back to reality. Lecturers of brands will discuss topics about software, hardware and whatever is in between. This is also a great chance to see and hear equipment in action, because lectures will be followed by performances of locals.
11:00 → 11:30
Software session
Genys, a well known Berlin-based Lithuanian DJ/producer, is one of the persons behind Bitwig, DAW that is strongly taking over the market. Find out what’s new about Bitwig and why it could be the DAW for you.
11:45 → 12:15
Software session
Live 10 was a big announcement, and with many creators still transitioning, certified Ableton trainer will clearly explain the updates and how your production can benefit from the upgrade.
12:30 → 13:00
Soft/Hardware session
Native Instruments
The company launches lots of new stuff, meaning we definitely need to know more.
13:15 → 13:45
Hardware session
Arturia are growing and expanding, so XXXX from their team will be here to talk about and demonstrate the new creations.
14:00 → 14:30
Hardware session
To be confirmed.
14:45 → 15:45
Modular session
Erica Synths + performance
We just had to invite the neighbours. Girts brings all the new gear and will follow up with a jam.
16:00 → 17:00
Local performances
Not to forget those who drive the electronic music scene forward. Pijus Džiugas Meižis and McKaras are preparing an audio/video performances.
Kablys Club
Kauno g. 2, Vilnius, LT
Soundium: Enabled takes place in a well known Kablys Club, which is one the most important electronic music venues not only in Vilnius, but in Lithuania as well. Many great artists appear at Kablys Club all the time, and the club is known for its open-minded, genre-friendly concept.
What is the place and time of the event?
Soundium: Enabled will take place on October 20th (Saturday) in Kablys Club. The event will start at 11:00 and end at 17:00.
Do I have to buy a ticket to enter Soundium: Enabled?
No tickets are required, this event is absolutely free.
What language will the presentations be given in?
The presentations will all be in English.
How can I try out the equipment in demo hall?
It is only possible to try out equipment with headphones (equipment will not be connected to monitors, because then the whole event would be just a mess of noise). We ask all visitors to come with their own headphones and it would also be useful to bring an adapter (3.5 mm to 6.3 mm). We cannot guarantee we will be able to supply enough headphones for everyone.
Can I bring my own setup?
If you wish to show off your own machines, we (and other visitors) will be very happy and interested. Vintage gear, DIY synths/gadgets, modular racks, drum machines - everything goes. Just let us know in advance by contacting [email protected].
Do you need any volunteers?
Please email us at [email protected], so we can discuss this.
I come from a different city/abroad, where can I stay?
We recommend to stay at 5B Hostel which is upstairs of Kablys Club. Other option we recommend very near would be Comfort Hotel.
I have more questions!
Please email us at [email protected] so we can provide answers for you.