Elektron Analog Drive Analog Distortion Box

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The Analog Drive from Elektron is a pedal designed to provide eight different kinds of distortion in one stompbox, accomplishing this task with completely analog circuit paths. Not only can you dial in a distortion perfectly tailored to your needs, you can also store your tonal preset in one of 100 user-programmable slots. To do this, simply use the provided footswitches to select a preset, which will be displayed on the dual-digit, seven-segment LED display located towards the top of the pedal. Now, just hold down the Bypass / Select footswitch and you're good to go. Alternatively, you can work the pedal in manual mode, thereby manipulating distortion sounds on the fly without accidentally overriding any presets. Manual mode is triggered by a switch on the upper right hand corner of the pedal.

Distortion isn't the only tonal characteristic offered on the plate here; the pedal also features bass, midrange, and treble controls, as well as a knob that can sweep between different midrange frequencies. In a static position, this knob affects the Mid knob, but hook up an expression pedal to the appropriate 1/4" jack and you can sweep through the midrange with your foot, accomplishing a sort of wah effect.

An additional 1/4" expression jack, labelled "Exp Gain," allows you to create gain swells. With a pedal hooked up in the manner, you can crescendo into the full glory of a distorted tone, rather than merely turning the pedal on and off. For further control, the Analog Drive can both accept and send MIDI messages via 5-pin DIN ports. A power supply is included with the pedal.


100 User Preset Slots
8 Analog Distortions in 1 Stompbox
Programmable Presets
Preset & Manual Modes
Bass, Mid & Treble EQ
Sweepable Midrange
Expression Inputs for Gain & Midrange
Accepts / Sends MIDI Messages
Includes Power Supply

What's in the box?

Power Supply

Outer Dimensions 17.7 x 17.1 x 6.2 cm
Weight 1.2 kg
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