Doepfer A-132-4 Quad Exponential VCA / Mixer

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Four exponential VCAs on the most compact room. The VCAs don´t have attenuators at the signal inputs but they can handle also very loud signals of 16Vpp amplitude (-8V to +8V) without distorting. The four VCAs can be cascaded so the very last output carries the sum of all 4 VCAs.
Each VCA has an exponential characteristic, a signal input and a signal output. VCAs 1-3 have two, VCA 4 one CV input. The signal input and the first CV input of each VCA are normalized to the one below. If this normalization is not desired it is possible to deactivate it with jumpers. The sum of all VCAs is available at the Σ socket whioch means you can use the module as a voltage controleld mixer without controls as well.
Modular Width 6HP
Modular Depth 60 mm
Modular Power +30mA at +12V, -20mA at -12V
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