Dali Sub C-8 D (White)

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The DALI SUB C-8 D subwoofer has been engineered to perform equally well with both music and movies. Featuring a powerful, detailed 8” down-firing woofer, the SUB C-8 D is anything but a boombox.
Placing a subwoofer is a large part of creating the perfect audio reproduction. To maximise bass output and distribution around the room, we recommend placing the SUB C-8 D F in a corner or, if that's not possible, along a wall. The SUB C-8 D's compact size also makes it much easier to position than many larger subwoofers, and it's a great match for our OBERON and SPEKTOR series.

Every DALI speaker is created from a set of sound design principles that have been developed over decades of experience within loudspeaker design and production. Featuring the same wide dispersion, time coherence and low-loss performance of our other speakers, the SUB C-8 D integrates seamlessly into any surround system or compact stereo setup.

The integrated 170 Watt RMS Class D amplifier is highly linear and renders audio with absolute integrity. Designed for maximum continuous power, the SUB C-8 D also delivers 220 Peak Watts to handle more demanding movie soundtracks and music.

The solid MDF cabinet is designed and manufactured to meet our exacting standards. With a choice of enclosures in Black Ash or White finish, each cabinet blends in perfectly with most speaker designs and room decors. To eliminate potential turbulence underneath the subwoofer, four oversized, polymer-based spikes raise the cabinet by 30 mm, effectively decoupling it from the floor. Raising it off the floor also maximises the benefits of a down-firing subwoofer, delivering higher efficiency and more freedom when it comes to placement.
  • High-Yield Amplifier
  • Elegant, Simple Design
  • Flexible Connectivity
  • 8" Down-Firing Woofer

Product instruction

What's in the box?
  • Dali Sub C-8 D (White)
Size 8"
Frequency Response 33 - 200 000 Hz
Watts 220 W
Monitor Inputs RCA, Stereo (low-pass filtered) LFE (Mono)
Outer Dimensions 29.5 x 33.5 x 31 cm
Weight 10.4 kg
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