Blue The Pop Filter

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  • Blue The Pop Filter

Blue The Pop Filter


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The Pop by Blue is a universal windscreen that features sturdy wire mesh construction. It provides sufficient protection against noise caused by sibilance and plosive "p" and "b" sounds.

With slight modification, The Pop can also be mounted to the frame of a Yeti or Yeti Pro. Please see the following video for details.
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Founded in 1995 by an American session musician and a Latvian recording engineer (hence Blue - Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics), Blue microphones' technical innovation and modern design combine to create audio tools that not only look inspiring, but sound like nothing else on the planet. Building on years of improving classic Golden Age microphones and acknowledging advances in digital processing, Blue created a line of microphones with custom-designed sonic signatures that make each Blue microphone truly unique and perfectly situated to take advantage of today's increased digital bandwidths: the perfect analog devices for the digital age.

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