„Novation“ įkvepia pradėti kurti

„Novation“ įkvepia pradėti kurti

MIDI kontrolerių, klaviatūrų, sintezatorių gamintojai „Novation“ visuomet stengiasi pateisinti savo pavadinimą ir pažerti inovacijų. Šiandien tai – nauja įkvepianti videoserija „Start Something“, kurioje jau turime Second Storey, Foxtrott, Nick Hook, Mike Slott ir Goldie išminties. Patarimai ir tiesiog paprasti žemiški dalykai dar liesis visą savaitę, tad nepamiršk įsijugti ir patikrinti, kaip gi pradėti. Ir baigti, kas dar svarbiau!

#StartSomething // Goldie

#StartSomething Video #3: GoldieGoldie’s profile in the underground dance music world is practically unmatched; as a figurehead of the drum and bass scene for three decades, the man needs no introduction… He sums his approach to making music like this, “If you’re making pop hits, you’ve gotta keep coming up with the next pop hit. But if you just follow your journey through music, it can only be about the journey… it’s just how you feel today.” Start something.http://bit.ly/Start-Something

Posted by Novation on Thursday, 17 September 2015

#StartSomething // Nick Hook

#StartSomething Video #4: Nick HookNick Hook is proud to call New York home. “The city inspires me,” says Nick, and he dedicates a lot of his time to the 24-hour metropolis. “When I get stuck for ideas, I admit that I’m struggling,” he says. So he takes a day off, jumps on his bike and looks for inspiration wherever he finds himself.Start something.http://bit.ly/Start-Something

Posted by Novation on Friday, 18 September 2015

#StartSomething // Mike Slott

#StartSomething Video #5: Mike SlottMike Slott is one of modern electronic music’s leading lights. His music seems to define the curve that many others follow, often years ahead of its time, and we love him for it. His timeless Heralds Of Change project, a collaboration with Hudson Mohawke in the late 2000s, and subsequent releases on LuckyMe, are some of the finest amalgamations of hip hop and electronica ever made. It’s no surprises that Mike describes his music-making process as an altruistic activity. “It’s inspiring for me to know that when you sit down to make music, it might have an effect on someone — for three minutes of their day or whatever, to take them to some place…” We wish there were more Mikes in the world. Start something.http://bit.ly/Start-Something

Posted by Novation on Saturday, 19 September 2015

#StartSomething // Gifted & Blessed

#StartSomething Video #6: GB (Gifted & Blessed)Los Angeles-based Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker (aka Gifted & Blessed) is obsessed with the process of discovery. “I like the thrill of the hunt.” To start the music-making process, he goes to record shops and thrift stores to find “an emotional quality” in music. When he gets stuck for inspiration, he turns to technology. “What sparks new inspiration for me is noodling with new instruments. In the process of learning, I usually stumble on new things that are usually accidental.” Start something.http://bit.ly/Start-Something

Posted by Novation on Sunday, 20 September 2015

#StartSomething // Foxtrott

#StartSomething Video #2: FOXTROTTFOXTROTT compares making music to cooking, “when you take really good ingredients, put them together and chop them in the right way, you don’t need anything more”. The Canadian producer uses very simple sounds that she layers very carefully. “Sometimes there’s just four tracks: a kick drum, a clap, a horn and a bass, but I spent a couple of weeks working on the sounds themselves… You don’t need to layer ten tracks, when the sounds are perfectly aligned.” Start something.http://bit.ly/Start-Something

Posted by Novation on Thursday, 17 September 2015

#StartSomething // Second Storey

#StartSomething Video #1: Second StoreySecond Storey (real name Alec) admits that ideas sometimes come to him out of the blue. “I’ll suddenly get a melodic idea in my head, and I won’t know where it came from. Like, bang, there’s a melody; maybe I had it in a dream or something, I don’t know.” But he says the next phase is the most important: turning that idea into something real. “It’s really important to get your starting ideas down as quickly as possible.”Start something.http://bit.ly/Start-Something

Posted by Novation on Thursday, 17 September 2015

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