New: Pioneer Toraiz SQUID multitrack sequencer

Who says Pioneer is a DJ equipement company? It seems that after launching their music production equipment branch Toraiz in 2016, they still are willing to move forward in this direction. This spring they bring SQUID to the table.

SQUID is a 16-track sequencer that can control up to 16 hardware instruments (synths, drum machines, samplers etc.) via MIDI, CV/GATE, Clock and DIN Sync inputs/outputs. USB allows to hook up your computer and easily transfer your projects, sequences and MIDI clips between SQUID and the computer. The matrix of 16 pads will let you play your melodies or step-sequence them, as well as modify it on the fly by using Scale, Harmonizer, Transpose and many other functionalities.

Last, but not least - the price. The Toraiz SQUID should be available at the end of this April and will cost around 600 €. Having in mind that other similar capabilities offering sequencers, Akai MPC X or Elektron Octatrack, are at least twice as expensive, SQUID can become the best option for taming your evergrowing collection of music production hardware.