New: Pioneer DDJ-800 DJ controller

When 400 in not enough, but 1000 is a bit too much, Pioneer comes with 800. Brand new Pioneer’s Recordbox series DJ controller, DDJ-800, is placed somewhere in between the affordable DDJ-400 and the 4-track beast, DDJ-1000.

DDJ-800 is compact and fairly easy to carry around - it weighs less than 5 kg and has an optional bag. It can also work as a standalone 2-channel DJ mixer, but only in tandem with a Recordbox software it’s true power shall be revealed. The new tendencies of bringing DJ’s closer to music producers haven’t been forgotten here: 16 performance pads not only will help you mix, but it also will allow you to play this device by using Sampler and Keyboard modes. There are also 2 mic inputs if you consider to animate your party or share the stage with an MC.

All the information needed will be displayed on color LCD Jog Displays, already seen on DDJ-1000. And last but not least - controls on DDJ-800 are arranged in the same way as on NXS2 series, so you won’t need to waste your time on learning new interface.