New: Novation SL MK3 keyboard

How does a MIDI keyboard on steroids look like? Just like Novation SL MK3. Novation’s new SL MK3 comes with much more than just a facelift or couple flashy lights added. With the ability to work standalone SL MK3 is not your simple controller keyboard anymore - it has become a studio hub to connect and control your entire setup, whether it is computer-centred or hardware-based.

Usual USB and MIDI connectivity options, expanded by two sets of CV outputs, allows it to control your modular setup while internal 8-track sequencer along with arpeggiator helps to cut ties with a computer even easier. RGB pads, buttons, sliders and knobs provide a full hands-on control while colour LCD screens and LEDs give all necessary visual feedback– which allows to focus more on sound instead of a computer screen. Fully compatible and deeply integrated with all major DAWs, Novation SL MK3 keyboards are available in 49 and 61 key versions.