New: Moog Matriarch synthesizer

A couple of days before their annual Moogfest, a legendary synth company Moog Music had announced that their semi-modular family of synthesizers (consisting of Mother-32 and Grandmother) will have a new member: Matriarch.

Moog Matriarch supposed to be the mother of all mothers, bigger and the most powerful of it’s siblings: 100% Analog patchable 4-note paraphonic synthesizer with an analog delay, 256-step sequencer, arpeggiator and 49 full-size keys.

Rocking the well-recognizable retro design, seen on Grandmother and Sirin, Matriarch is a perfect blend of traditional analog synth and a modular system - you can get that full, rich and warm sound with no patching at all, but at the same time you have 90 modular patch points at your disposal in case you want to get geeky.