New: Korg Volca Modular, Volca Drum and Minilogue XD

As this festive season has come to an end but it’s still cold outside - Korg is here to help you overcome that post-holiday blues. Here are 3 new products that should make your life a little bit brighter.

Volca Modular is your gateway to a modular synthesis. No need to choose among thousands of existing modules or rob a bank - everything you need to start your modular odyssey is in this one little box. Volca Modular comes with 6 analog modules that has 50 patch points - it allows you to explore pretty much unlimited sound design possibilities by patching using the included pin patch cables.

Volca Drum has been made by having all the rhythm-nerds in mind - those who were not fully satisfied with possibilities of Volca Beats and Sample. Drum is a new digital percussion synthesizer will allow you to create unheard drum sounds, sound effects and unexpected rhythms and grooves. This little beast is equipped with a flexible DSP digital synthesis engine controlled by just 8 knobs, dynamic effects block and a powerful sequencer allowing for poly-rhythms on each step.

World’s best selling polyphonic analog synthesizer Minilogue is getting some new features added and comes back as a Minilogue XD. XD now has a new Prologue based 4 voice analog sound engine and Monologue-style polyphonic 16-button step sequencer. Also you’ll find a digital oscillator for a wider sound palette, a rich noise generator, reworked controls and many other nice features that make this compact synth so appealing to everyone who is looking for a powerful instrument for a good price.