New: Bitwig Studio 3

The most recent, third version of Bitwig Studio reminds us of a modular synths workflow. This is actually the company’s vision from the very beginning – to offer a fully modular sound design option to digital music production. This means that when you use a hardware modular synth, you work with patch cables, and in Bitwig Studio 3 the chance to modulate is everywhere, as well as anything can be dragged anywhere.

The Grid, an open modular environment, is the biggest new feature of Studio 3. It consists of Poly, FX and Mono devices and contains 120+ modules that can be connected together as synths, processsors and effect, connected with other Bitwig’s plug-ins or layered. The Grid is also capable of receiving and sending CV signal, which you can use to control hardware synths from your computer and vice versa.

Bitwig Studio 3 should reach computers in the second quarter of 2019, and in the meantime, beta testers are working with the software.