New: Behringer VC340 vocoder

After couple of successfully released replicas of classic keyboards, Behringer continues on the same path. This time the iconic 80’s Roland VP-330 vocoder is in the company’s focus, as over the years the original device became quite rare and expensive. A more affordable but just as good alternative seems to be on its way - Behringer Vocoder VC340.

VC340 - it’s an analog vocoder and synthesizer generating human voice and strings sounds. Plugging your microphone via XLR input allows you to modulate your voice and create that well known retro sci-fi robotic tembre. In order to achieve the authentic sound quality, VP-330 original analog circuitry was recreated in this keyboard. While 32 switches and sliders ensure a full control over all the sound parameters, USB and MIDI connections allow the easy use of this vocoder with any other synthesizer or sequencer.