New: Arturia AudioFuse Studio and AudioFuse 8Pre

Arturia AudioFuse family is growing. Couple of years ago, after the first AudioFuse came out, it seemed that this audio interface has everything you could ever wish for... Everything, except maybe few extra audio ins and outs. That’s why this year Arturia releases not one but two larger interfaces in order to fill this gap.

AudioFuse Studio - is a true production studio hub. Less portable than its smaller sibling, but it has 4 combo XLR/jack inputs for microphones and instruments in the front, 4 line inputs - in the back of the device, as well as phono input for turntable, ADAT, S/PDIF and Word Clock connections and a possibility to hook up two pairs of studio monitors. Build design is slightly inspired by analog consoles and all the control elements are cleverly placed for the sake of fast and intuitive workflow.

AudioFuse 8Pre is the two-in-one device that can operate as your regular audio interface and become ADAT expander with 8 mic channels when needed. This interface has 16 input and 20 output channels in total, extremely low latency internal mixer for direct monitoring and it is built like a tank - its metal chassis will withstand rough working conditions or being taken on the road.