New: Teenage Engineering modular synthesizers

Poor man’s modular – this is how the company describes their new line of products. It consists of three different chassis and 15 sound modules.

The biggest of the series is Pocket Operator Modular 400 which does not fit into your pocket anymore, but is an amazing analogue synth anyway. It offers three oscillators, noise, random generator, two envelopes, two VCAs ,filter, mixer, speaker and 16-step sequencer. Along with the yellow chassis, you also receive 15 patch cables.

Pocket Operator Modular 170 is an analogue monophonic synth with an integrated sequencer: the chassis, 9 different modules and 8 patch cables all come as a set for a very friendly price.

Pocket Operator Modular 16 is a control keyboard with a programmable step sequencer. You can use it to control Modular 400 or other modular synths as it sends CV, pitch and trigger signals.

All three chassis are delivered flat which means the buyer has to assemble them (which is a fun learning process).

Arguments about not wanting to begin making music with modulars, because they are expensive, are not valid anymore.