New: Technics SL-1210MK7 turntable

Remember the times, when Technics turntables were available only as used ones on eBay? Well, looks like the times are changing – soon enough you will be able to buy new ones.

Technics are strongly targeting DJs during CES 2019 by introducing a new SL-1210MK7 turntable. It has been 12 years since the last version, SL-1210MK6, and few years ago, when SL-1200G/GAE were introduced, company has been put to shame because of their high prices (to be honest, Technics never positioned SL-1200G/GAE as DJ turntables).

So what is up with new SL-1210MK7? First of all, the new coreless direct drive motor is lighter and and designed to eliminate cogging at any speeds (a stuttering feeling that you get when the platter spins slowly). A built-in microcomputer that uses technology from the Panasonic’s Blu-ray (because Technics is a brand of Panasonic corporation) to control the motor promises better accuracy, even when scratching. Finally phono and power cables are replaceable, instead of directly attached. The starting torque and brake speed can be adjusted to your liking. A small, but important detail - white LED stylus light has such a high brightness, that it is the best out of all previous models.

The chassis of SL-1210MK7 is a two-layer aluminum and fiberglass construction – this combo should be top notch to dampen all possible vibrations.