New: Ortofon Concorde MK2 cartridges

It’s very hard to count all DJs who rely on Ortofon while doing their job, which means this company produces cartridges that really are top notch. This year Ortofon celebrates their 100th birthday and updates the line of Concorde cartridges. New series now consist of 5 redesigned cartridges – some colours have been changed, and mini icons on the top of the stylus are supposed to hint what the cartridge can be used for. If you ever break the finger lift, no worries, it now can be replaced. Pro S, the beloved cartridge among the beginners, is still in black, but changed its name to Mix MK2. DJ S, the industry standard for DJs, has been titled DJ MK2 and remains blue coloured. Scratch MK2 now comes in white, instead of pink, and still is the best choice for turntablists. Nightclub, which was the proper option to go for when DJing intensively in clubs, has changed its name to Club MK2, and instead of black & orange it now comes in black & neon yellow. The new member of Concorde family is Digital MK2 – this is the cartridge for those who mostly DJ with timecode vinyls.