New: Moog Drummer From Another Mother

There has only been 11 days since the beginning of the new year, but we already have the device with the best name of 2018. Drummer From Another Mother (DFAM) isn’t actually a new instrument, because VIP attendants of last year’s Moogfest were able to solder DFAM themselves. It looks like Moog decided DFAM could be a commercial success. This semi-modular analogue percussion synthesizer is the first, according to Moog, new member of the Mother family (not counting the already well known Mother-32; perhaps this is a hint that there are more semi-modular instruments to come?). We really like the thoughtful video that represents DFAM where three members of Discwoman collective, DJ Haram, Stud1nt and Umfang, shares their opinions on it and their creative process – this is hundred times more interesting than just corporate praises: