New: Arturia Minibrute 2, Minibrute 2S synths and Rackbrute

Minibrute definitely is one of the most solid analogue monophonic synths. It first appeared in 2012, and now, in 2018, there’s time for an update. You will find all controls (oscillators, filter, envelope) on the Minibrute 2 which means there is plenty of potential to shape your own unique sound. The synth with integrated sequencer also boasts a 48 inputs/outputs modular matrix, allowing you to experiment with its internal settings or connect other additional modules to Minibrute 2 using patch cables. Arturia rides the wave of semi-modular synths, which is probably going to rise as high as a tsunami. We believe Minibrute 2 is the one for fat basslines, but not only, because it’s a great addition to any studio.

Another new instrument by Arturia is actually a different version of Minibrute 2 and it’s called Minibrute 2S, where S stands for sequencer with extended possibilities. This sequencer allows real-time recording and has memory for 64 patterns, which can be chained together. Minibrute 2S also offers pads (like on the Drumbrute) instead of regular keys. Check out this promotional video:

Semi-modular means there’s not a very long distance to going full modular! And this is where Arturia steps in with RackBrutes – cases dedicated to Eurorack modules. There are two different sizes (one row 3U and two rows 6U) with integrated power module (+12V / -12V / +5V), the handles of RackBrutes also double as stands allowing you to change the angle of the standing case. Arturia Link is created to connect whatever you have in your RackBrute straight to Minibrute 2 or Minibrute 2S. It’s really not possible to use modules without a proper Eurorack case, and looks like Arturia understands this well – RackBrutes are not expensive if compared to other manufacturers, and they are easy to transport. This is really cool!