1. New: Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 and S4 MK3 DJ controllers

    New: Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 and S4 MK3 DJ controllers

    It’s been a while since we heard from Native Instruments, but they finally did what everyone expected them to do earlier – updated their bestselling Traktor Kontrol DJ controllers, the 2-channel S2 and 4-channel S4; we now are going to greet the third generation. While the company was taking a snooze, Pioneer managed to conquer a big part of the market with their Rekordbox DJ software and its dedicated controllers. Now NI are going to offer S2 MK3 for a lower price than S2 MK2, which is a clear intention to tempt those beginner DJs who are only thinking about what software and hardware to choose. The price of S4 MK3 has gone up, but there are differences as well. S4 MK3 now has high resolution colour displays, which show track ID and other relevant information required for mixing. The jogs of both controllers are new and bigger (diameter of 14 cm) – S2 MK3 offers two jog modes (jog and beatgrid), while S3 MK4 offers three (turntable, jog and beatgrid). S4 MK3 jogs also feature RGB L

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  2. New: Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A MIDI keyboard series

    New: Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A MIDI keyboard series

    Looks like this autumn is very productive to Native Instruments, because they started it with a new MIDI keyboard line – Komplete Kontrol A series are less expensive than S series, so it is an ideal option for people who want a proper control of Komplete software. Keyboards come in three sizes, 25, 49 and 61 keys, and the keys on all models are semi-weighted. OLED display is installed for at-a-glance navigation, and the integration with software is made easy by 8 touch-sensitive knobs, ergonomic pitch and mod wheels and an encoder for one-handed sound browsing and project navigation. Tag-based preset browsing allows finding sounds quickly and hearing instant previews. Of course, A series work as plug&play with all Komplete instruments and effects and an impressive collection is included along with your purchase (you will find sounds of classic piano, modular synths and more). You can also use Komplete Kontrol A keyboards with Maschine software, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X and Gara

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  3. New: Pioneer XDJ-RR DJ controller

    New: Pioneer XDJ-RR DJ controller

    Today another new DJ controller in the Rekordbox DJ ecosystem was announced: XDJ-RR is the unit that is going to be desired by many, because it is an ideal intermediate option between media players you meet in most clubs and a controller you can afford to have in your bedroom. We can also see small clubs and bars considering XDJ-RR as well. 2-channel DJ controller is a standalone unit meaning you can play music via USB and also record your mixes to one of the USB keys. 7-inch display is identical to XDJ-RX2 (the bigger brother of XDJ-RR), however, screen is not touch sensitive as it is on the XDJ-RX2 meaning there is no QWERTY search. XDJ-RR also has four performance pads for each deck, Beat FX section with three effects (Echo, Reverb, Flanger) – that is five less than on XDJ-RX2, and four Sound Color FX (the same as on XDJ-RX2). Check out the demonstrational video by Pioneer below:

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  4. New: Arturia DrumBrute Impact Drum Machine

    New: Arturia DrumBrute Impact Drum Machine

    Wow – this is an analog drum machine and you do not need tweezers to control it. DrumBrute Impact outruns its competitors on the market and offer proper sound quality, functionality and versatility, so you are going to want to use it in studio as well as during performances. 10 different drum sounds can all be tweaked thanks to programmable “Color” function. Sequencer holds 64 patterns, each up to 64 steps, and each drum track can be any length you like – this allows you to create polyrhythms. DrumBrute Impact has Roller mode for drum rolls, Song mode for pattern chaining, real time effects like Pattern Looper (beat repeats) and Step Repeat (looping glitch effects). 4 individual audio outputs with additional master mix output gives you the ability to record multitrack audio to your DAW. Dynamic interest can be added to patterns with the help of Accent (for each track) and Swing (for pattern or each track) functions. This was just a brief summary of DrumBrute Impact potential, and we

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  5. New: Pioneer DDJ-400 DJ controller

    New: Pioneer DDJ-400 DJ controller

    It sometimes seems like the selection of Pioneer DJ controllers is overwhelming – we can now count more than 10 models in production, and here is one more – the DDJ-400. Pioneer DJ controllers can be decoded simply by their name – company usually calls models with combinations of letters, where S stands for Serato, R – for Rekordbox DJ, and just recently a differently named model, the DDJ-1000, was announced, which brings us to comparison that DDJ-400 is something like it, only with less functions (simply because 400 is less than 1000 – this explanation is as stupid as it sounds, but that’s the logic here!). This is a controller dedicated to Rekordbox DJ and it looks like DDJ-RB at a glance, but it is not: DDJ-400 has looping controls like the ones on CDJ-2000NXS, and Beat FX are clearly inherited from DJM-900NXS. This brings us to conclusion: DDJ-400 is created with determined amateurs in mind – if you see yourself behind the decks in a club five years from now, DDJ-400 could be an

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  6. New: Arturia Keylab MK2 MIDI keyboards

    New: Arturia Keylab MK2 MIDI keyboards

    News might seem confusing at first, because Arturia updated their Keylab series not that long time ago. Well, the ones they updated are known as Keylab Essential series – basic MIDI keyboards that come with an impressive collection of software, ideal for those who are looking for their first MIDI keyboard option. New Keylab MK2 series are a few steps higher and oriented to studio professionals, stage performers and people who wish to control analog gear – there are no more keyboards in the market which boast six CV/Gate connections. Keylab MK2 also feature aftertouch, nine faders, 16 super sensitive RGB pads and five pedal inputs. Integration with other DAWs has been refined to perfection: with each keyboard you receive magnetic overlays, dedicated to 10 most popular DAWS, and there are explanations on them about how to use transport controls, so controlling software is easier. By the way, bodies of keyboa

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  7. New: Roland TR-8S drum machine

    New: Roland TR-8S drum machine

    Roland TR-8S is the new and better version of TR-8, which has been released back in 2014.

    Inside TR-8S you will find the sounds of Roland’s legendary drum machines – 808, 909, 707, 727 and 606. With the help of SD card you will also be able to upload your own samples (sample length – up to 180 seconds, maximum overall sample duration – 600 seconds).

    Pattern memory has been expanded to 128 patterns (each can also have 8 variations), and there are 8 dedicated pattern triggering and chaining buttons, which means there is the freedom of creating more complex rhythms. Trigger pad has also been added to set velocity per step, and integrated sequencer allows to set different parameters to separate steps.

    Another important add-on are stereo outputs which can be used as trigger outputs for the drum machine to interface with other external gear.

    TR-8S became more expensive, but there is a lot of positive buzz online already. And finally, Rol

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  8. New: Pioneer DDJ-SB3 DJ controller

    New: Pioneer DDJ-SB3 DJ controller

    Can you guess which DJ controller can be found in every second home? Those are Pioneer DDJ-SB2/RB - budget Pioneer DJ controllers, most popular models ever. Many beginners choose them to learn how to DJ.

    Pioneer are working on their own Rekordbox DJ software intensively, but it is clear the relationship with Serato is not going to end - the third generation of DDJ-SB was just announced. Jazzy Jeff is the representative of DDJ-SB3 and the biggest new update is the Pad Scratch mode, which means each of 8 performance pads trigger a different scratch pattern (which were recorded by Jazzy Jeff himself). Those patterns are synchronised with music that is being played, but they can also be triggered without any music. DDJ-SB3 also inherited the long awaited Play/Pause and Cue buttons which DDJ-RB already had. Another new mode called FX fade allows you to reduce volume and apply an effect on top at the same time (kind of low pass echo effect on DDJ-1000).

    Yes, we k

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  9. New: Elektron Digitone synthesizer

    New: Elektron Digitone synthesizer

    Looks like another trend is emerging in the market of synthesizers next to semi-modulars, and it is FM synthesis. Elektron Digitone is a FM synthesizer, which means it is digital, and it offers plenty of new timbres and sounds for experimentation. The 8-voice polyphonic instrument allows you to treat your tones with filters and effects, and you can create sequences and patterns with the internal sequencer. Digitone has 512 sounds, from classic FM examples to new ones, created by Elektron employees. Design and name shows Digitone is very close to Digitakt – could this mean Elektron are going to produce more digital stuff?

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