1. New: Steinberg Cubase 10

    New: Steinberg Cubase 10

    If at the beginning of 2018 Ableton revealed us Live 10, the end of this year brings us Steinberg Cubase 10. One of the most solid and longest-running DAW lines just got a modern facelift and plenty of improvements under the hood.

    First thing to notice is, of course, a GUI update:now it’s flatter, sleeker and supports Retina and HiDPI displays. But there are plenty more: VariAudio 3, a powerful pitch correction tool; Audio Alignment feature that allows to align recordings extremely fast; MixConsole snapshots; updated Groove Agent drum machine; new effects, sounds and many small changes to improve and enhance users workflow.

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  2. New: Sequential Prophet XL hybrid synthesizer

    New: Sequential Prophet XL hybrid synthesizer

    Everybody’s heard of Dave Smith. One of the pioneers of MIDI technology and digital synthesis wizard has his name on many iconic pieces of music gear - Prophet, Tempest, Mopho just to name few. This year Dave Smith Instruments rebranded as Sequential (Smith ‘s first company founded in 1974) continue to work on their flagship product – Prophet synth.
    Prophet XL – is a new hybrid synthesizer which offers a fusion of synthesis and samples in one single device. 2 independent sound engines offer unseen capabilities for this type of gear. One engine is meant for digital synthesis and has everything previous Prophet models were praised for: 2 high-resolution digital oscillators, 4 syncable LFOs, 4 loopable five-stage envelope generators and dozens of other sound shaping possibilities. Another sound engine is dedicated for sampled instruments and allows to play two independent, stereo, digitally sampled instruments per voice while shaping samples through loop manipulation, sample stretch

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  3. WATCH: New documentary on tech and DJing

    WATCH: New documentary on tech and DJing

    DJ culture and music technology go hand in hand from the very start – from first crossfader and direct-drive turntable to Recordbox and Stems. Electronic Beats gathers bunch of iconic DJs and some leading music tech companies’ representatives to talk about the influence of technology and innovation in DJ world, advantages and challenges it brings and what to expect in the near future. A must-watch for anyone who spends some time behind decks.

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  4. New: Traktor Pro 3

    New: Traktor Pro 3

    NI are back and they’re BAD. This time DJ ‘s should be happier than ever – after couple of new DJ controllers introduced this September, Native Instruments hit the market again with the major update for their Traktor DJ software – Traktor Pro 3.

    4-deck DJ software got a serious facelift – updated user interface is still familiar from the previous version, but now it’s flatter and sharper for more clarity when mixing in difficult environments. But not everything is only for your eyes – there are plenty of under-the-hood improvements. Elastique 3 algorithm was introduced for smoother time-stretching and master limiter was improved for more accurate gain control. 40+ deck effects now are boosted with 8 new single-knob post-fader Mixer FX’s that allow to create complex transitions and build ups in no time. Another bold announcement is meant to flatter all DVS lovers and scratchers – Traktor Scratch is now included in Traktor Pro 3 and will allow to use any other sound card in add

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  5. New: Roland VT-4 Voice Transformer

    New: Roland VT-4 Voice Transformer

    It is easy to tell that electronic music vocalists are not the most-loved ones by music tech manufacturers. But Roland is trying to fill this gap and announces the updated version of its Aira VT-3 vocal transformer, the VT-4.

    Roland VT-4 is an effect processor that can spice up your vocal performance or make a radical transformation of your voice characteristics – it’s all up to you considering all controls are at your fingertips. Device was clearly built by having live performing vocalists in mind – easy hands on controls, no push pedals and no need for complicated setup with a computer and plug-ins. 4 voice-altering effects (Robot, Megaphone, Vocoder, Harmony), pitch-shift, Auto-Pitch (for Auto-tune style vocal pitch correction) are controlled with 4 sliders, handful of buttons and couple of knobs. There’s also an adjustable Wet/Dry signal balance and 4 spatial effects available (REVERB, ECHO, TEMPO DELAY, DUB ECHO). All effects of VT-4 work on its own, but MIDI input a

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  6. New: Novation SL MK3 keyboard

    New: Novation SL MK3 keyboard

    How does a MIDI keyboard on steroids look like? Just like Novation SL MK3. Novation’s new SL MK3 comes with much more than just a facelift or couple flashy lights added. With the ability to work standalone SL MK3 is not your simple controller keyboard anymore - it has become a studio hub to connect and control your entire setup, whether it is computer-centred or hardware-based.

    Usual USB and MIDI connectivity options, expanded by two sets of CV outputs, allows it to control your modular setup while internal 8-track sequencer along with arpeggiator helps to cut ties with a computer even easier. RGB pads, buttons, sliders and knobs provide a full hands-on control while colour LCD screens and LEDs give all necessary visual feedback– which allows to focus more on sound instead of a computer screen. Fully compatible and deeply integrated with all major DAWs, Novation SL MK3 keyboards are available in 49 and 61 key versions.

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  7. New: Akai MPK Mini Play MIDI keyboard

    New: Akai MPK Mini Play MIDI keyboard

    It’s hard to keep your cool this autumn when keyboard manufacturers are dropping new product announcements. Native Instruments and Novation already revealed their secrets. Now it’s time for Akai to step in. Not so long ago the company announced their FL Studio dedicated FIRE controller and now they are coming back with some improvements on their best seller for a couple of previous years – MPK Mini MK2 keyboard.

    Unit, most frequent in many producers mobile setup, from now on can be battery-powered and will be called MPK Mini Play. Beefed up with a small OLED screen for more convenient browsing, built-in speaker and more than 128 internal sounds, MPK Mini Play is not only a compact USB MIDI controller but a small and fun music instrument too that can always find a place in your backpack.

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  8. New: Pioneer HDJ-X5BT headphone

    New: Pioneer HDJ-X5BT headphone

    Pioneer DJ just announced its new multi-purpose HDJ-X5BT wireless closed-back headphone. Well-balanced, comfortable to wear, robust and compact HDJ-X5BT does it all – one three-hour charge gives you up to 20 hours of wireless listening time, built-in microphone allows you to answer your calls if a headphone is paired with your smartphone and it is possible to choose from three colours available to perfectly match your style. Unfortunately, HDJ-X5BT is not meant for wireless DJing, because of Bluetooth latency. Therefore, it comes with a 1.2m coiled cable that automatically deactivates Bluetooth when connected, allowing you to use it as a regular DJ headphone.

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  9. New: Moog One synthesizer

    New: Moog One synthesizer

    It’s time for all the synth-heads to pop champagne – after more than three decades Moog is back with a new polyphonic synthesizer Moog One. Even Moog themselves (and their name already became a synonym for synthesizer) call it an ultimate unit with the unprecedented ability to control the sonic expression. 3 VCOs, 2 analog filters, an analog noise generator, an analog mixer, 4 LFOs, an arpeggiator and many other settings can be easily controlled straight from the front panel with 73 knobs, 144 buttons and a LCD screen for digital effects – all enclosed in aluminium and hand-finished ash cabinet.

    Analog purists will enjoy the One’s analog sound engine, while more tech-loving users are provided with additional digital effects. Moog One is available in 8-voice and 16-voice polyphony configuration.

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