Aston Halo Reflection Filter

  • Aston Halo Reflection Filter
  • Aston Halo Reflection Filter
  • Aston Halo Reflection Filter
  • Aston Halo Reflection Filter
  • Aston Halo Reflection Filter



Product Manual
Aston Microphones' Halo Reflection Filter is made with patented PET-felt acoustic technology and molding techniques to reflect, absorb and diffuse sound in both professional- and home-studio environments. Its large surface area provides linear absorption, while the corrugated surface diffuses sound for minimal coloration.

 The Halo's spherical shape yields horizontal as well as vertical filtering, while its 4-inch radius improves sound isolation, making it a practical solution for recording vocal tracks or multiple acoustic instruments in one room.

You can experiment with placing the Halo in different room locations depending on the desired reflection and absorption characteristics. It is portable and lightweight and comes with proprietary mounting hardware. 

  • Patented PET-felt acoustic technology

  • High surface density for sound insulation 

  • Spherical physical construction 

  • Acoustic materials provide linear absorption

  • Proprietary mounting hardware

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Each microphone made by the newly-founded British team in Aston is a flawless blend of passion, soul and purpose. Their products are desirable concept pieces made reality, testing the boundaries of what is technically possible. The blend of dramatic design, exceptional engineering and unrivalled craftsmanship combine to create an emotional experience, something you feel each time you look at one of their mics. A manifestation of their passion, their microphones and filters are not just exceptionally well-engineered performance instruments, they are works of art which will inspire you to be your best.

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