Arturia Pigments 4

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Pigments is a softsynth VST with the power to create any sound, from the best mix-ready modern presets to deep custom sound design. Explore every shade of synthesis and make your wildest sonic fantasy a full-color reality, whatever your style.
Whatever your starting point, whatever your end goal, Pigments lets you freely enjoy the process of designing sound your own way.

You don’t need to worry about complex settings, making mistakes, or even having an understanding of how sound design works. Instead, enjoy the freedom of sonic experimentation, the satisfaction of a plugin that responds to your style, and finally finding a stunning sound that’s yours and yours only.
  • Virtual Analog triple-osc engine
  • Complex Wavetable engine
  • Sample and Granular engine
  • Harmonic Oscillator additive engine
  • Includes Engine Crossmod
  • Create complex, custom and evolving sequences/arps
  • Advanced random sequence generator
  • 5-shape Virtual Analog Oscillator
  • 2 Sample-based Noise Engines
  • Extensive library of 1400 presets
  • MTS-ESP microtuning compatibility
  • MPE compatibility
  • NKS controller compatible
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  • Arturia Pigments 4